Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wii Are Not A Number

It's time to tell Nintendo exactly how we feel about friendcodes. I want to start a mass movement of protest against Nintendo and their friendcode system and show them that while they may be on the right track with their new inovative system known as the Wii, they are far from the right track on getting a good operational online system. One of the main concerns that was brought up for the reasoning behind friendcodes is that it is meant to protect children from sexual predators. While I commend Nintendo for protecting our children I would like to remind them that it isn't their place to do so. It is the parents obligation to inform their kids on proper usage of the Internet and give them the "Don't talk to strangers" rule. By creating a system designed for kids you are alienating your adult users. And this isn't the first time you have made your adult users feel alienated. Nintendo, it is time to face the facts that you have been a huge gaming force for 20 years now and because of this you have grown quite a large adult fan base. This is a good thing! So why are you so eager to push us away by designing your systems around children. If you are so concerned then put a disclaimer saying "WARNING: Online functions are not designed for children under 13."

And to make matters worse there are rumors floating around that some games will have their own friend codes making things even more complicated. I want Nintendo to ditch friendcodes entirely. I want them to create a gamertag system that links directly to our MyNintendo accounts. Basically, I want Nintendo to strive to be more like Xbox Live and to even top it with that famous Nintendo innovation. Perhaps it is too late to change an already released system. But maybe it isn't. Either way we should make our voices loud and heard.

Go to and tell them that Wii are not a number!

Show your support for a friendcode free system by using this image and editing it to show your Wii code or a DS game friendcode. Use it as a forum avatar or signature. Show Nintendo our protest. Wii are not a number!

Here is an example image using my friend code

I am aware chances are this isn't going to work. So don't go saying this is retarded and it will never work. That's not really the point. The point is to create protest. The point is to create outrage. The point is to make a voice loud enough for Nintendo to hear. Now go out and tell everyone "Wii are not a number!"

Thanks to chux for the great photo!